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There is a huge nurse vacancy in Germany. There is a plenty of job opportunities for Nurses in Germany. Nursing jobs in Germany for Non-EU nurses. We will fulfil the requirement of Nursing Jobs in Germany.

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Nurses salary in germany

Do you want to know what is nurses salary in Germany? this table will give you a complete idea about nurses' salaries in Germany.
Nurses CategoriesNurse salary (Fresher)
Nurse Salary (Experienced)
Trainee Nurse:-1st Year- 1050 €
2nd Year-1150 €
3rd year-1250 €
3000 to 4000 € after the course is complete.
Per month.
Trained Nurses in Germany 2500 to 2850 € per month4150 to 4380 € per month.
Non-EU Nurses 2250 to 2480 € per month.2850 to 3480 € per month.

Process for nursing jobs in Germany

  1. Start with the training of A1 to B2 level German Language.
  2. Pre Document check for transcripts and Apostle.
  3. After finishing the B1 level, your interview process starts for a job contract.
  4. Finish your B2 degree before Applying.
  5. Training and Documentation for the visa interview.
  6. Pre-interview with a German job agency.
  7. Best way to finish B2 level before visa interview and applying dates

Advantages in Germany for a nursing job:-
You will get accommodation arranged by the hospital for six month Next, you will get the foreign authority and city registration. Prepare for kenntnisprufung test, till the time you can get a basic salary from 2000-2200 euros. After the successful completion of the test, you will get 2500-3000 euros.First, you have to work temporarily after two years you will appoint you as permanent.

Nursing Jobs in Germany for Non-EU nurses

Are you searching for a job in the nursing field, Or after completing the study you want to do the job in Germany. We know your first question will be why Germany, as we all know, Germany has the world’s best healthcare system. And it is a developed country, so here in Germany, there is no unemployment. And at present, there is a high demand for nursing jobs in Germany for Non-EU nurses. Because in Germany, paying capacity is more, but there is a lack of adequate health personals. Everyone has a desire for a long life, but there are not enough trained nurses to fulfill the need of their population. So you have a great chance to do nursing jobs in Germany.

Nursing Job Opportunity in Germany

There is a shortage of qualified nurses in Germany. So there is the number of vacancies in the German hospital. Because of the language barrier, people scare to think to do a job in Germany. But it is not so difficult. We will help you with the process of learning.So once you complete the education and try to get a couple of months’ experience in your field. And next, you can apply for nursing in Germany. And here you are to take the opportunity of a nursing job in Germany.

Is there an opportunity?

I know your question is how the opportunity is, it will be an excellent decision to do a job in Germany. I can say yes because there is high demand and less quality supply if you can learn the B2 level language then definitely it will be a perfect decision. Because as an individual, everyone wants to give a chance to make their living. And they want to achieve the desired position in their life. And it is good to make your dream real. If you are loyally doing hard work, then this is right to leave your life in your way. And above that, your job satisfaction is a must. So it will be a great decision to join a nursing job in Germany.

How to get a nursing job in Germany?

  • For doing a nursing job, you have to fulfill their requirements. So here I am going to step
    down all the needs:-
  • GNM (Diploma in Nursing) with six-month internship and minimum 3 -4 years of
  • BSC, POST BSC, MSC nurses should have a minimum of 1.5 to 2-year experience And both males and females can apply for the job.
  • For doing a job in the hospital, you should have a minimum of 1-2 years in ICU or pediatric nursing.
  • There is a requirement of A1 –B2 German Language.
  • No block account required. For an interview, you need to know the B1 level of the German language.

Nursing Job in Germany for Non-EU nurses.

Good news, there is an excellent opportunity for a nursing job in Germany for Non-EU nurses. In Germany, there is a lot of job opportunity but a shortage of qualified nurses. Think if you completed the nursing degree and you want a better job, so a tremendous opportunity is waiting for you. You can apply for the nursing job, but for that, you have to fulfill their criteria.

The first thing is, you need a nursing degree. And second, you should have a job experience of few years. And the most important you should know B2 level German language. Because nurses, your work will be to communicate with your patient, and to help your patient, you always need to talk in their language. As a nurse, your job is to help your patient, and if you are not in proper language, then you will not be able to support it. That is why for doing the job in Germany you have to proper in B2 level language.

Nursing Job Opportunity in Germany
There is a shortage of qualified nurses in Germany. So there is a number of vacancies for Non-European Citizens.Geriatric nurses have duties in patient rehabilitation, therapy and general medical and nursing care: they help patients with eating and personal hygiene, administer drugs, measure blood pressure and change bandages. They also support patients during leisure activities.


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