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Well, A lot of Indian, Other Asian Country Students( Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Philippines, Bangladesh) and non  Eu(European) Student choose Germany as an Aspiring country for Pursuing MD MS or PG medical courses in Germany. Germany has a rich Infrastructure of Doctors to pursue Its medical residency program in Germany. We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

Medical Residency in Germany for Non-Eu Citizens.

Here is a piece of great news. In Germany, there is a huge demand. So here is an excellent opportunity for a qualified doctor who wants to work in Germany. The student who completed medical education in other countries but later he wants to work in Germany, so they have a great opportunity. Study MD MS in Germany and work as a doctor. We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

But wait it is not such an easy task if you think that you have a medical degree and based on that degree you will get work in Germany. Let me clear you one thing that different country has its criteria like that Germany also maintains different education criteria. We know Germany is an advance to develop the state and their rule regulation is too harsh.

For non-EU-citizen, it is quite challenging to get a medical residency in Germany. It is not that if you not completed a medical degree in Germany, then you will not get medical residency. You will, but you have to go through a process. Like for a license first, you gain a temporary permit.

Process of medical residency in Germany for non-EU citizen
Step 1:-
German language
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

If you are planning for a medical residency in Germany then first you have to know the German language. After finishing the language portion, you can move further. Because language is the most important step for medical residency in Germany for non EU citizens.

Step 2:-
C1 Medical Terminology Or B2-C1 Medicine Terminology.
Step 3:-
It is a temporary medical license. For getting a temporary medical permit, you need to give Medical Language-communication exam Or Medical Terminology exam. And basically, it is known as Fachsprachprüfung.

  1. FSP preparation:-
    After learning all levels of the German language, you need to give a test. And for the test there are three-step:-
  • Doctor to Doctor conversation:-Doctor to Doctor conversation is the first step for FSP test. It is a 20-minute test, and in that conversation will happen between Doctor to Doctor.
  • Doctor to Patient conversation:-The doctor to the patient is the second stage for FSP test, and in this stage, the discussion will happen between Doctor and Patient. And in this stage Doctor will get 20 minutes.
  • Patient case history:- It is the 3rd stage of the FSP test. And it is also a 20-minute test. But in this process,you have to understand the history of the patient. Patient illness problem and what is the recovery now and seeing the history which all treatment can give for further treatment. So you have to make a proper report based on history.

FSP exam duration is one hour and the same day they will announce the result.

FSP pass.:-If you pass the test, then you will get -2-year temporary medical license. You can start work, and you will get around 3000 to 5000 euros /month. You can also start clinical practice in German hospitals.

FSP fail:-
Suppose if you are not able to clear the test then do not worry, again you will get a chance after 3 months. So there are a number of attempts for the FSP test. So do your best to get a chance for medical residency in Germany.

Degree Evaluation:-
Once you submit the degree, then it will go for an evaluation. That means once you will provide the document then according to the German rules, it will go for German translation and then attestation process. And after that, you can apply for degree evaluation. We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

B2 level German:-
For applying for the medical residency, you need to know B2 level German language.
And it is a 4-5 month course. Once you complete the course, you can apply for further process.

Approbation exam/Knowledge test/kenntnisprüfung/Permanent Medical license. After clearing the KP, test Doctors are eligible to go for free pg/medical residency to work as a doctor.

Hereafter FSP you will get a temporary license. After the approbation test, you will get a permanent chance to do the medical practice because you will get a permanent license. For free PG medical residency in Germany. After getting the license, you can work all over Europe :-Germany, Austria, Luxembourg ,Switzerland etc.
Good luck Doctors for the future career. We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

Top class Education

Germany is the hub for medical education in the world. Great opportunity to learn medicine.

World Class medical universities

If planning for medical residency in Germany then it is a great choice.


World-renowned Neurology Hospitals are in Germany. The country ranks first in the department.

Top class Hospitals

With immense highly sophisticated Infrastructure. German Doctors are considered Best.


World-Class Universities with a specialization in Child diseases and Paediatrics course.

General Medicine

With varieties of Medical PG specialization course. General medicine is a very profound Branch in Germany.

Radiology and Diagnosis.

The Study of Tumour, Cancer, and Radio diagnosable Diseases in the world.

All Pg medical Branches

Medical residency in Germany for non EU Citizens. Gives them quality Education at the lowest Fees.

medical residency bulding in germany for MBBS completed candidates.

Medical Residency in Germany after MBBS.

Germany is a developed country because of that they have a huge requirement of Doctors. In the present time, they need around 4500-5000 medical doctors. And a considerable number of a medical doctor working but still, there is a need for a medical doctor in Germany.  We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

For primary medical education in Germany, it takes around 6 years. And including education, they will get a license to practice after completing the course because the course contains 48 weeks of practical training. And it is accessible to those who have completed their undergraduate medical course in Germany. Because after the degree they will get approbation for practice. And if they completed MD in Germany, they will also, get a license for practice in Germany.  We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

There are various field in medicine where they can join for practice according to their specialization:-
And below is the list of the area- General Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Surgery, Neurology, Radiology, Internal medicine, Paediatrics and youth medicine, Urology, Orthopedics, Abdominal surgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and venereology, Otorhinolaryngology, Child and youth psychotherapy, Anesthesiology, Orthopedics and trauma surgery, Psychiatry, and psychotherapy, Occupational medicine.

These all are the medical area where you can apply. But the student who completed primary education in Germany or md in Germany for medical residency is an easy task. Still, the student who completed training in Non Eu Countries and want to do practice in Germany then it is a bit difficult. But no need to worry about medical residency in Germany because we will provide you with accurate knowledge and all the facility that will help in medical residency in Germany.  We provide Medical residency in Germany for Non Eu Citizens.

How to get approbation in Germany?

The student who completed primary education or MD in Germany will get approbation in Germany. Still, the doctor who completed medical training outside the EU they will get recognition of their medical school. That will not be equivalent to Germany education. And for the time being, you have to access an examination that  Kenntnisprüfung.

According to Germany, once the education system decides that your medical education is not equivalent, then you will get a maximum of 2 years of valid license temporarily. But during the year you have to give an assessment examination. And after completing the test, you will get approbation in Germany. Approbation is the medical license that is issued by the German state to the doctor in their profession. And the license validation will be for a lifetime.
But for getting approbation there are various requirements:-

1.You need to have a job offer before applying.

2.C1 level medical German.

If you have a proper job offer, then you can start your practice by using Berufserlaubnis.It is a temporary medical license. So they will allow working in Germany while you get approbation and checked by the authority of Germany.

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Medical residency in Germany for non eu citizens in Top 10

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