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Study Dental courses in Germany.

Hey, guys are you planning to study BDS/MDS/Dentistry in Germany. Hey there you are, I know you are thinking about how to proceed? Dentistry study in Germany can transform your life as well as a career for a better future. We know it is challenging to decide to study abroad for Indian students (Non- EU:- Ukraine, Georgia, Singapore, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh etc.). There is a lot of confusion about education in Germany. So here, I will break down all the steps for Dentistry/MDS/BDS study in Germany. Study dental courses in Germany at Lowest Tuition Fees. Non-EU dentist in Germany have huge career opportunities in Germany

Before planning to study Dentistry/MDS/BDS in Germany, there are a lot of steps you should be aware of:-

Studying in Germany takes a little more time to complete the survey. Because before deciding Dental admission in Germany, you have to pass one entrance exam. And the entrance exam is based on your basic M-kurse syllabus and language program. And if you have good percentage marks in the High school/12th/Diploma and if you can pass the university entrance exam (FSP), then you will get a chance to study BDS/Dentistry in Germany. With the help of the entrance score, you are eligible to apply for Public universities in Dentistry in Germany. Study dental courses in Germany at Lowest Tuition Fees.

Germany also offers specialization in different fields of dentistry like- oral maxillofacial surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, etc. The normal duration of the Course is 3 to 6 years depending on the specialization that you choose. Dental professionals get a handsome salary ( 4000 to 6000 euros/month). Study dental courses in Germany at Lowest Tuition Fees.

Fellowship For Dentist in Germany

Fellowship are designed to provide enrolled dentists an advanced levels of Education. In dentistry didactic, laboratory, and scholarly components. During their fellowship programs, the Dentist will be trained to provide comprehensive dental care. Utilizing the latest dental technology. Fellowship:-

  • esthetic dentistry
  • laser dentistry
  • implant dentistry
  • prostho dentistry, etc.

Top Ranked Universities in the world

Germany is an advance and modern country. Here you will get a variety type of landscape. And one of the largest economic countries in Europe. It has its natural beauty and most preferable tourist country. It carries a fascinating history full of invention. Top Universities are:-

  • University of Bonn
  • University of Frankfurt
  • University of Freiburg
  • University of Marburg
  • University of RWTH , etc.

Bachelor in Dentistry (BDS) & Dental Postgraduate studies (DPDS)

The degree program in dentistry provides students not only with theoretical knowledge in the Dental sciences and comprehensive dental care but also with both theoretical and Clinical dental knowledge. Benefits are:-

  • Free Education
  • Part-time jobs during the study period.
  • Advanced dental technologies.
  • Earn up to 6000 euros/month
Why choose us To Studying Dentistry in Germany?
Training of German Language, Online & offline.

Proper Visa Document Filing and  Support.

Complete visa application support.

Receiving at The Airport. Lodging Facilities.

Training in Germany for Studienkolleg (M-kurse) and FSP Exam.

Getting your admission with a part-time job in Germany

Studying Dentistry in Germany

Tuition Fees:-:-
The tuition cost is one of the lowest among the developed countries. Most of the universities do not charge tuition fees except the semester contribution and the student union fees. Currently, fees of up to 500 Euro per semester are being charged at some universities. And the fees can be very high in private universities. Nevertheless, the quality of education is excellent at both types of universities. Study dental courses in Germany at Lowest Tuition Fees. 

Living Cost:
The living cost is high in Germany. International students need around 600-700 Euros per month to cover their living expenses during their studies. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

Part time Jobs:
Medical students like students from other Countries are too allowed to do part-time jobs for some pocket money. However, students aspiring to study Dentistry should not completely depend on part-time jobs for their living expenses.

Admission Requirements:

Students who have completed their 12 years of schooling must complete a one-year preparatory course at the so-called Studienkolleg, the requirements of which is at least Zertifikat B1 in most cases, followed by an examination known as Aufnahmeprüfung. The preparatory course lasts for one year and ends with an examination known as the Assessment test. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

However, the basic requirements for entry into the foundation course are as follows:-

  • CV or Resume in German
  • Motivational Letter/SOP Certificate
  • Excellent Marks in High School, at least 75%/GPA 2.7.
  • German Language Proficiency by Goethe/TELC/OSD A1.
  • Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

Why Study Dentistry in Germany?

  • Free education
  • Advance lifestyle
  • Opportunity to learn different language Opportunity to learn different culture.

Cost-Effective Education

Better career opportunities. The salary is very high as compared to Non-EU(India, Georgia, Ukraine, Philipines, Russia, etc). Chance to get Settled in Europe. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.


Our International students who Studied dentistry in Germany

Dr. David Martin


Dr. Jen Ballard


Dr. Steven Moore


Best Guidance for Admission and Job in Dentistry in Germany

Get Hassle-Free Admission in Germany


Complete Student Suport


Proper Documentation work


Lodging and Student Care in Germany

We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice Authorized University Partner

Studying Dentistry/ BDS in Germany is a great opportunity, but for taking this opportunity, you have to work on fundamentals. So before taking admission to Dentistry in Germany, you have to give fuscous on Studienkolleg. And it is a 1-year course in Germany. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is NEET Compulsory? for Non-EU Countries like India

Yes, but only if You want to return to India and practice dentistry.

Hey, guys, it is 100% compulsory in India, students usually think that NEET is required only in India for admission in medical or in BDS/dentistry, But now it is not mandatory for taking admission in Dentistry/BDS in Germany also. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

Ya, here you can relax because you no need to think about the rank you have to pass the NEET exam. Once you get the score, then you can easily apply for admission in Dentistry/BDS In Germany, there are a number of universities which provide the best education with modern equipment.

Total Duration of study Dentistry in Germany
1- year for a foundation course in Germany (Studienkollege).
Five years of study time for dentistry/ BDS.
One year Internship at a government hospital in Germany.

After completion of the course, you can start your career in Germany and give a standard lifestyle to your-self. Study Dental courses in Germany with Scholarship.

What are the Steps for admission in Dentistry in Germany?

Before leaving your native in A1 level is required.

High school grades should be 2.75 GPA.

Language preparation A2 to C1 in Germany + Studienkolleg (M-Kurse).

Passing of FSP Exams.

Finally, Getting into a german public level university.

The aspirant student before planning to take admission to Germany, you have to learn A1 language because it is part of the admission process. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

What are the top universities to Study Dentistry in Germany?

University of Gottingen

University of Wurzburg

University of Heidelberg

University of Munich

University of ZU Koln

Goethe University Frankfurt

am Main University of Leipzig

Charite Medical University

University of Bonn

Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

What is the Cost to study dentistry in Germany?

In Germany, you can study for free. There is almost free education in German Universities as a high school student/undergraduate. Only admission charge and enrolment amount you have to pay, that also will be very minimal. Currently, there is no fee for an international student at a public University. That’s mean both domestic and international student can study for free; only they have to pay a small amount for admission and for per semester. Only you have to pay for the foundation course. Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

Because of the low fees, and high-quality education students want to study in Germany. So this is an excellent option to take education in Germany. This is not the only factor that invites you. Here you will get the chance to receive an education with world best faculty with modern infrastructure.

 As a dental student /dental graduate, you are very much aware of the equipments. And here, you will get the chance to practice with modern equipment that will add an extra feature in your career.

 As Germany is a developed country and here you will get the best to the best education for free or at a minimal charge. A public university is almost open, and most of the university provides training in small fees or no fees. Study Dental courses in Germany with Scholarship.

What is Studienkolleg Program?

once you enter in Germany first, you have to do Language +studienkolleg. It is a 1-year course. In general, it is called a foundation course.

After completion, the student need to pass the FSP exam. Studienkolleg is a language course plus syllabus course.

FSP exam:-

It is a university admission process that you have to face. And do not worry, we are always there for you. In each step, we will help you out. And once you clear the FSP (Feststellungsprufung), then you ready to go further education. The exam is subject-specific that you are applying for admission.

The course contains:-

Human anatomy, medical case history, Introduction to the German health care system, medical case study, patient examination, consultation, working in a hospital ward, writing a medical report. And it also covers grammatical topics for the medical technology examination.

What are the Advantages of Studying Dentistry in Germany?

  • High standard training
  • Training for research and patient care
  • Good support to international student
  • Always get a chance to study new treatment concepts.
  • Germany is one of the leading countries in the education of the health care field. 
  • Advance equipment knowledge.
  • and Last but not least free Education.
  • Highest pay scale.
  • Get dental courses in Germany at no fee.

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