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Medical PG In Germany

Is this you who have the desire to do Post Graduation (PG)  after MBBS? Here you going in the right direction. Don’t worry! You can choose an alternative path of a medical Pg in Germany with your desired specialization. Welcome to Admission Germany GMBH, Best education consultancy in Germany.


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You can choose us Because of prominent service. Here our team will give you the best guide ever you get. Our team and we never try to push to decide the incompatible way that can harsh you. We always try to provide you with the best alternative easy path.


Professional & Good Adviser

Planning to do Medical PG in Germany, but you missing a proper guideline. Then here you are in the right way. While preparing, you will face some challenging aspect but no need to scare. We will prove to you the best professional good advisor to make the right decision.


Fulfil your Requirements

You can get ahead of your challenges while taking the right decision. But to make your decision to achieve your goal, you have to go through a long process, and maybe you will find a lot of difficulties to fulfill your desire. Here you will get a one-stop solution to meet your all career-related requirements.


Study & Research In Germany

Aspirant students can choose a different type of education for further research in their field. Because a higher education always needs proper analysis for an appropriate qualification. And to reach the goal, you need to know result-oriented University to provide you study as well as research in Germany.


Part-Time Job Facility

Maybe you are a student of bachelor or postgraduate and looking for a part-time job position. Here you are in the right place to implement your academic insight plump into practice. While during study doing a part-time job is difficult, but it will help you to grow and make responsible for fulfilling your expenses.


Beware Of Misleading Agency

Remember that before you decide to take admission, you should be very careful, why I am saying because there are a lot of fake agencies who offer you a considerable discount amount and number of the facilities to cheat you. And once you are convinced by them, they immediately try to grab your attention. And it will make your career at risk so be attentive.

Top University For Medical PG In Germany

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We believe in bulk opportunities. As per your requirements, we always stand by you. And promise to provide you with a better solution. Not only for admission in Medical Universities but try to solve your entire problems from beginning to an end. Try to enroll and get the best opportunity to support your dream.

Free Medical PG in Germany with Stipend

Medical is a highly challenging and reputed job. As a student, you always want to do medical education in the best institute. Medical education is not only education or a profession while it is a responsible job that a doctor provides. As you know, the medical profession is a reputed profession all over the world.

  • A1 – B2 Language
  • FSP/Medical Terminology/B2~C1 Telc Medizin.
  • Stipend from 4000 to 6000 Euros.
  • Approbation/ Knowledge Test.
  • Free Medical Specialization with a stipend.

Paid Hospitation in Germany

Give a chance to make your life more comfortable with an easy task. So that you can move your steps towards getting a Paid hospitation in Germany. Be ready with your qualification profile and visit us to get the right direction accurately. And here we will help you to grab your position that will match your professional profile.

  • Hospitation with remuneration 1200~1500 € per month.
  • Free Accommodation & Food on duty.
  • No Block Amount is required. You will save 10,236 euros.
  • No Degree Evaluation Required (DefizitsBescheid).
  • Free preparation for the FSP exam.

UnPaid Hospitation in Germany

There is always a question, is there any opportunity to study PG in Germany with a stipend? Yes, you can get the chance. The study will be on fully or partially funded pay. As we know, Germany has fully developed the country and that’s why they always give an extra focus on education. And it helps a lot for developing countries students. There are multiple Hospitals that provide hospitation .to improve clinical knowledge in Germany.

  • Hospitation without remuneration.
  • A Block account is required means 10.236 euros are needed in your bank account.
  • Degree evaluation is needed (DefizitsBescheid may be asked).
  • FSP preparation is not free. 

Apply for DefizitsBescheid , B2 level German Required.

Degree Evaluation or DefizitsBescheid in Germany.

  • Doctors who want to pursue PG Medical Education in Germany have to apply visa applications in Germany. During this process, DefizitsBescheid is asked by the German embassy consulate.
  • When a foreign (Non-EU) Doctor applies for an approbation license process under section 17 a in Germany, The German medical council (Landesärztekammer) checks foreign medical doctor’s standard to match with German medical curriculum. if found it different then a foreign doctor needs to give the Kenntnisprüfung exam and if there will not any different then the doctor will direct receive Approbation license.
  • It is Mandatory to Know B2 and have DefizitsBescheid for applying under 17 A national visa for Germany.

Apply for Eingangsbestätigung , A1 level German required.

  • Eingangsbestätigung is a kind of notice of arrival in Germany.
  • A1 level of German language is mandatory.
  • Some consulates/embassies accept, in rare cases, the Eingangsbestätigung for the visa process, as the process of getting Defizitbescheid takes such a long time.
  • Applications attached with Eingangsbestätigung , help you get 16b  Nation Visa of Germany.
  • Is Eingangsbestätigung same document like Defizitbescheid?No. They are different documents. Eingangsbestätigung is just a notice of arrival (Acknowledgement letter) of your documents in authority (Behörde). And Defizitbescheid is a deficit notice about your studies.

Learn German Language Program

Do you believe in professional factors? Of course, you want to give your 100% but to make your self perfect; you should learn a different language that can provide a boost to your profession. And if you are planning to pursue your higher education in Germany, then it is a must to learn the German language. It will help you to acquire a job there.

  • German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is also a lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe. And as for “all Germans speak English anyway”? That’s pure myth.
  • Register with us to learn the German language from scratch to advance.
  • German course A1
  • German course A2
  • German course B1
  • German course B2
  • German course C1
  • German course Telc Medizin.

Medical PG in Germany

Are you interested in being an adventurous doctor? Then explore an idea. Don’t you think you are limiting the educational life circle? If you like the offer, then here is an excellent opportunity for you. Join Medical PG in Germany at the Lowest Fees.

Do you believe in willingness then dive here? If you completed MBBS/Diploma in Medicine and wanted to pursue further education but waiting because of some circumstances so, do not wait to do medical pg in Germany.

After the degree, every medical aspirant has a desire to do PG in their field. However, unfortunately, less percentage of doctors only get their desired field. For a medical student, it is much more important to get a satisfying field. Because when you satisfy, then only you will deliver a good job. Join Medical PG in Germany at the Lowest Fees.

Some medical students get admission to Medical PG in their desired field, and some are not able to get it. A student who is very strong financially, only those students get admission to Medical PG in their desired field. And if you want to do medical PG in Radiology, Cardiology, Immunology, Neurology. However, you are not getting a seat in all these fields. Germany offers an excellent opportunity to all those medical students who want to make their career in medical science.

However, this journey is not easy for any student. They have to work very hard. They have to give many years. Many students keep working hard for 3 to 4 years, but they do not get admission in PG in their field. Now you can get a seat in Medical PG without wasting time.

When you get higher education after MBBS/Diploma in medicine, you get PG accreditation, while if you take medical PG training in Germany, you get “facharzt” at the end of the training.

Cultural Advantage:-

The most significant advantage of doing a medical PG from Germany is that you get command on a different language. You learn a different language. You will get to know about a different country intimately and know about all the places in that country. One of its advantages can also be that if you want to practice in Germany in the future, then you will know which city is the most suitable for you. And will be able to cure different types of patients. The more practice you have, the more perfect you will be in that field.

As you know, medical studies in Germany are of a very high standard, and you will be able to know about that place along with studies, you will have a piece of useful knowledge about all the good and bad things there. You will be able to see a different level of confidence inside you. You know everything about the country, but you will get a chance that you can live there to know about other European countries and be able to do some different experience with the people there.

Advantages of doing Medical PG in Germany:-

  • Only 3-3.5 % able to do pg medical in Non-EU (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.. )in their desired field, but in Germany, you will get your specialization very easily as there an ample of top medical universities in the world.
  • Desired medical field and education at a low fee.
  • You will get a chance to learn a new language.
  • A doctor can get a stipend up to monthly  4500 euros.
  • Also, get a high-quality education.
  • You can get a chance to make your-self more confident.
  • You will get an opportunity to live your Desired life.
  • During the PG course, you can do on-job-training on which hospital will give you the approval to conduct medical operations.

Free education:-

Germany provides you almost free education. You will get a high-quality education.

Germany provides you with the best education system; the education system here is the most prestigious and especially the medical PG education system. In Germany, you get a quality education. The education system here is very rigorous and disciplined. Every Indian medical student dreams of doing PG from Germany. Germany provides you with an outstanding education in the field of Medical PG.

It costs you very little to do a medical PG from Germany. There is a meager tuition fee here or not. Whatever expenses you have will be in stay only. You get many benefits in doing medical PG from Germany. You get to learn a new language. You get a piece of useful, practical knowledge; even if you complete the degree, you get two years more time to practice at that place.

If you have also studied MBBS/medicine from Germany, then further study becomes easy for you, you get a seat comfortably, and you do not even have a language problem. Because in so many years you become perfect in language and further, if you want to practice in Germany, you can easily practice.

However, even if you are doing PG from Germany, you have many opportunities. A Non-EU ( Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi, etc,) completes MBBS, and after that, he/she either practices or wants to do PG. Many times it happens that they get a seat in PG but some other specialization. They do not get happiness due to not being able to get a seat in the specialization in which they want. If a medical student does PG, he/she wants to get a seat in his desired specialization.

Because if he/she practices after doing MBBS in India/Russia/Ukraine/Philippines etc.. or Non-EU Countries, then his/her recognition is not as much as that of a PG doctor. And in his/her desire to become a good doctor, he wants to do PG. Nevertheless, if he/she does not cross the qualification criterion, then he does not get a PG seat or get a seat in another field. And if you do PG from Germany, there is no need to comprise you can take a medical specialization as per his/her wish.

You can also do an internship while doing a medical PG from Germany so that you can deduct expenses, and after getting the degree, there is no hindrance in further practice.

Here below some top university for Medical PG in Germany:-

  • Hamburg University
  • Bonn University
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • FU Berlin University
  • Heidelberg university
  • Charite university.
  • Freiberg university.
  • Leipzig University.

Yes, we know if you are planning to do Medical PG in Germany is looking like a bit tricky. You need to prepare your self in advance for the complication that you have to face like language challenge. But anyway, take a step to meet the challenges. And grab the opportunity to pursue Medical PG in Germany and make it possible to achieve your goal with the help of Admission Germany, Hanover.

Admission process for doing Medical PG in Germany:-

Here if you are planning to do medical pg in Germany, Then you need to know about the requirements. Before taking a step towards the process of admission, you have to fulfill some essential criteria. Here below is the list of information that you need to do.

If you are applying for admission in Germany before that, you must have command on A1 to A2 language level in German basic.

Second, you need to get an admission letter for TELC B2 and TELC C1 from a Government -approved test.

Before the Approbation exam, you must know at least the C1 level of the German language.

After that, you can submit the documents. And after the verification, you will get Approbation license.

“You may be wondering why the language is so important. You are entering a profession where it is imperative to know about the patient. And if you do not recognize his/her language, then how will you treat him/her? If you do the treatment without knowing the german treatment norm, then its result can be harmful. Both the hard work and his /her life will result in danger. For this reason, it is essential to know the Medical terminology And if you are going to Germany for medical PG, then you must know the medical terminology (C1 Level) of Germany”. Join Medical PG in Germany at the Lowest Fees.

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