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Do you need a student visa to study in Germany?

 Yes, as a Non-Eu student if you have a desire to study in Germany then definitely you should have a student visa.  So at the time being the percentage of the student has a first choice to study in Germany. And Germany has a standard level education system. And for a beginner, it is quite challenging to make a visa, so here we will help you in the Germany student visa process.

So the visa process depends on the country.  Like from which country you are. And here below there is some critical point that you have to fulfil during Germany student visa process.

 Before applying the visa process first, you need financial proof

So for financial documentation, you should have a blocked account. A block account is an account that is especially useful for international students. An international student can use it as bank proof.

So Germany education is very much popular among international students. And because of the low tuition fee and little language barrier student is getting attracted to the education process. But for taking advantage of the education, you need to fulfil the Germany student visa process.

 But before giving application to the Germany student visa process, just make sure about the decision. Because when you apply for a visa first, you have to clear the purpose. And later if you change. Then again have to come to bake to home town. And still, you have to apply for the visa. So be careful while filling the application for a permit. And mention your purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There are mainly three types of the  German visa process.

  • Language course visa
  • Student applicant visa
  • Student visa

 Language course visa

If a student wants to learn the German language in Germany, then he/she need a German Language course visa. And for the learning of language, you have to stay in Germany. And your visa will be valid for one year.

 Student applicant visa

So before taking the admission in Germany. If a student wants to visit Germany to check out the campus of the university. And to search for the possible way to stay during education. Then definitely it is for you. And for student applicant visa you have to submit several documents. And student applicant visa will allow you to stay for three months. And the best part is, it is extendible up to six months.

 Student visa

A student visa is also known as a D type visa. And it is valid for three months. A student visa is very much popular among the student because it allows you to stay in Germany for a foundation course or a degree program. And if you will get the student visa then definitely you can entre Germany for education purposes.

How to apply for Germany student visa?

A student can search concern person for the student visa. And check the date of the application and later you will get an appointment for the interview. The process of claim may take up to 30 days. So at least apply before two or three months. So for a student visa, you have to submit all the documents. And also there is a process of applying for the student visa process.  For more detailed information regarding Germany student visa process call +4915510112622

·         Financial proof ·         Admission proof in University ·         Need to submit national passport ·         Copy of earlier education certificate ·         German language certificate ·         English Language Certificate ·         Proof of student health insurance ·         Entrance qualification certificate ·         Student valid national passport ·         Fulfill duly occupied national visa application form ·         Two copies of passport ·         Recent passport size photograph of the student ·         Valid proof of visa application fee ·         Birth certificate of the student ·         Marital certificate of the student ·         Proof of German resident permit (earlier)

Financial proof

 For financial proof, you should have a blocked account. So block account is a particular type of account. It is an account for international students. And it especially when you are planning to leave in Germany for study purposes. So as proof that you have enough money to stay in Germany during your studies. According to general living, a student needs 900 euros per month. So at leas11, 000 euros deposit is required at a German blocked bank account.

 Letter of commitment by a German resident “Verpflichtungserklarung” so here you will confirm the person who is going to cover all living and other costs during your studies in Germany.

 Scholarship awarding certificate- it is a proof to show you as a receiver. And the total amount of the award which you will spend during the studies.

 Bank guarantee.

 There is a need for Proof of Letter of the confirmation of your parent’s financial record. Here you have to show your parent financial support that is going to help you during the study in Germany.

 Admission proof in university

 University admission letter

Letter of conditional admission

Confirmation of admission in the foundation course

Proof of acceptance in a German language course and the course is issued by studienkolleg.

 Copy of earlier education certificate

 Degree certificate.

School -leaving certificate.

Academic records.

Foreign academic qualification.

German language certificate

English language certificate

So if a student wants to study in the English language. Then they have to show the proficiency of the language. And for language proficiency, the student needs to give an entrance of IELTS and TOEFL. And for IELTS you need 6.5, and for TOEFL you need 80-85 points. For more detailed information regarding Germany student visa process call +4915510112622

Details of all types of German Visa


 Yes, as an international you can stay in Germany with a German visa. But there is a different visa for a different purpose. Here below is some example of German visa-Education and Language course visa, Jobseeker visa. Other Types of Visa

  • Working visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Business visa
  • Internship visa
  • Research visa
  • Cultural and event purpose visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Family reunion visa

 So depending on the purpose, there are different types of visas. According to the situation, you can apply for a separate permit, whether you are planning to study or a job.

 Germany language course visa

So an international student who has a desire to learn a language course in Germany can apply for the language course visa. And it applicable for more than three months. And later you can extend to one year.

 Germany study visa

 An international student can study in Germany with a study visa. And it is applicable for two years, and later you will have the choice to extend the permit.

 Germany Research visa

So As a professional, if you want to work as a researcher, then you need a long term stay visa. And it is applicable for a long time.

 Germany Job seekers visa

 It applies to those who have not found a job in Germany yet. And it is applicable for six months. A student who has a higher education and equal to Germany recognition can apply for the job And once he/she found the post can apply for a residence permit in Germany.

 Medical treatment visa

 The German authority has a facility for people who need medical help in Germany. If there is a need to stay for more than six months, then they can apply for long term visa. And those who need treatment less than three months need a short term stay medical treatment visa.

 Family reunion visa

 It applies to those whose family stays in Germany. And if they have the residency permit and enough finance to take off your need. Then you can apply for a Family reunion visa.

 Mainly there is 4-types of visa

Type -A

Type -B

Type -C

Type -D


It is a transit visa through the international airport.


It is a transit visa which is granted by German territory and applicable for a maximum stay of 5 days.


It is a short term Schengen visa. Also known as a tourist visa. And in this, you can stay for 90 days.

Type- D

It is a long term national visa. And here a person can stay for more than three months.


 A Jobseeker visa is long term permit. And it allows you to stay for six months and look for a job. Germany’s job seeker visa will enable you to stay for a long time and at the end of six months, if you get employment in Germany, then you will get a German work permit. And then you can live and work in Germany.

 So if you have a job seeker visa that the not mean you can start work immediately. It only permits to stay and to look for a job.

Requirements of Germany Jobseeker   visa

  • Eligibility criteria
  • All important document
  • Complete application form and get a visa appointment


Eligibility criteria for Germany job seeker visa

You should have a minimum of five-year experience

Medical or travel insurance is needed

Should have Bachelor of Master’s degree from a recognized university that should be equal to the German university

Financial proof to cover your expenses during the stay time in Germany


Document for Germany job seeker visa application

  • Three recent passport size picture
  • A valid passport
  • Health insurance proof
  • Accommodation proof in Germany
  • Finance proof in Germany
  • Bank account statement
  • Block bank account
  • Verpflichtungserklarung- sponsor living in Germany
  • A duly fulfil German long-stay visa application form
  • Academic qualification proof
  • The CV (Curriculum vitae)
  • Verification of Professional status in your home country


Complete the application and get a visa appointment

So after getting all your documents, your final step is to fill the application form for the job seeker visa.  And after the submission book, the appointment for the interview. After submission of all required documentation will determine the destination of the German job seeker visa.

 But based on a job seeker visa, you cannot start work immediately. Because job seeker visas only allow you to stay to search for a job. And after getting the post, you have to apply for a work visa. For more detailed information regarding Germany student visa process call +4915510112622

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